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Candid, Dependable Legal Advice For Employers

Your employees can empower you to achieve your business goals, and you can, in turn, empower your employees to develop their careers. A mutually beneficial relationship is optimal, but it may take substantial effort to build a system that works.

Kim, Lim & Partners, collaborates with businesses and human resource departments throughout the United States and the world. We blend our experience in business law and employee-based employment law to further inform our employer-focused services.

Form A Partnership With Experienced Lawyers

Throughout the life of your business, you will have unique employment law needs. From hiring your first employee to scaling your resources to managing termination, our team can offer informed guidance.

Our skilled attorneys assist employers across a variety of industries with:

  • Human resources training
  • Employment contracts
  • Wage payment policies
  • Company policy and employee handbook creation
  • Disciplinary action and termination
  • Labor law and work safety compliance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance issues

We will help you build and maintain healthy relationships with your employees – as well as foster healthy relationships between them. Over the years, you can rely on Kim, Lim & Partners, for all of the challenges you may encounter.

Cost-Effective, Timely Resolutions

If your company is the subject of a formal investigation, knowing what to do is critical. The wrong reaction could expose your business to further problems. We can coach you through the procedure, working with government entities such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other Department of Labor agencies.

When facing an employment dispute, your main goal is likely to find a solution that has the least long-term impact on your business. However, disputes are complicated. We will work to preserve your reputation, shield you from liability and minimize economic costs throughout the process.

Position Your Team For Success

Kim, Lim & Partners, has earned recognition for our reliable service. Through effective training, management and dispute resolution, we can support your company. Schedule a consultation at 201-740-2953 or email our office.