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Poll: 25% of Black and Hispanic workers experience discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Discrimination |

Workplace discrimination in New York and New Jersey is a persistent problem. This continues despite greater attention paid to employment rights and more avenues to complain about mistreatment in the workplace. It may be beneficial for people who believe they are being discriminated against to be aware of polls as to how frequently this happens to other workers. A recent Gallup poll showed that around 25% of Black and Hispanic workers – separately – believe they are subjected to workplace discrimination. Understanding what steps to take after this type of legal violation is imperative when trying to put a stop to it and in seeking compensation.

Survey involving 4,000 Blacks and Hispanics shows troubling results

In its poll, Gallup spoke to around 2,000 Blacks and 2,000 Hispanics about workplace discrimination. Twenty-four percent of Black employees said they were discriminated against at work in 2020; the same percentage of Hispanics said they too were discriminated against. There were 3,500 white employees surveyed and 15% said they faced workplace discrimination.

There were age disparities in reporting the discriminatory behavior. Those who were under 40 had double the likelihood of reporting discrimination when compared to those 40 and older. For Blacks, it was 31%; for Hispanics, it was 17%. Three-quarters of Black workers said the discrimination was due to race or ethnicity. Sixty-one percent of Hispanic workers and 42% of white workers said the same. The poll was conducted from the second week in November through the end of the month. There were 8,360 people who took part.

Employees who face discrimination have legal options

It can be intimidating for workers who believe they are being discriminated against to speak out. There is inevitable fear that there will be skepticism or outright disbelief that these behaviors are taking place. They could also be worried that they will be retaliated against for complaining. This is especially common in blue collar jobs. Discrimination can negatively impact every aspect of a person’s life. It might harm their chances at advancement, reduce their income, lead to personal and psychological problems, and more.

The Gallup poll shows that people who are discriminated against because of race and ethnicity are not alone in these challenges. Discrimination may also occur because of gender, sexual orientation, age, and for many other reasons. A firm with experience in racial discrimination in the workplace can assess the case and might help with recovering compensation for all that was lost.