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Employee wage protections and legal rights

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2024 | Employment Law |

When you get your paycheck, you may be happy to see what is in front of you. But if you see a number that is not representative of the time you’ve worked, it can feel like a letdown and like money was stolen from you.

It is true, the changes in federal and state tax and Medicare laws can impact your final pay, along with the rising costs in healthcare plans; however, even if this is relevant, and employee should not have the feeling of being shortchanged.

And in cases where an employee in New Jersey or New York worked beyond their normal hours, they should have received pay in accordance with the overtime pay rate. If not, an employee has the right to not only take legal action but to hold their employer accountable for failing to pay them fair wages.

Unpaid wages

At Kim, Lim & Partners, our law firm understands the frustrations an employee experiences when they discover they have unpaid wages from their employer. While you might feel like you must accept this situation, our attorneys have helped our clients not only assert their rights but also hold their employers accountable for these failings.

Keep in mind, you earned these wages, and your employer is not above the law. Thus, it is important to understand the process. By filing a complaint with the Wage and Hour division of the Department of Labor, the investigation into the matter will begin. If necessary, you can also take legal action to seek back pay, interest on unpaid wages, legal fees as well as any other penalties deemed appropriate.

Wage protection and labor rights

The Fair Labor Standards Act is what provides employees with legal wage protections and their right to recover unpaid wages. This act establishes the rights an employee has with regards to their work hours, overtime pay and the like.

It should be noted that this act does not apply to all types of employees, such as nonexempt employees. However, it might be possible that an employee was misclassified you, which could give you another reason to file a claim and assert your rights.

Wage and labor right legal action can be complex and overwhelming for employees to pursue. However, it is important to seek legal guidance about your matter, as this could help you secure the wages you rightfully earned.