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Mistakes to avoid in your workplace discrimination case

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2024 | Discrimination |

Building a successful workplace discrimination case requires thoroughness and commitment to the legal process. You need to gather strong evidence that illustrates the behavior to which you’ve been subjected and the harm that’s been caused to you as a result. But even if that sounds easy enough, there are several missteps you can make while pursuing your workplace discrimination case that could throw your claim into peril.

Far too many victims of workplace discrimination make costly mistakes that jeopardize their ability to succeed in court. Here are some that you’ll want to be aware of moving forward so that you can avoid them:

  • Not reporting discriminatory behavior to your employer.
  • Not documenting each instance of discriminatory action.
  • Retaliating against your employer when you’ve been discriminated against as a way to get back at them.
  • Quitting your job prematurely.
  • Failing to mitigate your damages by seeking new employment or reeducation and training.
  • Minimizing the behavior to which you’ve been subjected.
  • Thinking that you’re not warranted in taking legal action.

You don’t want to write off what happened to you, and you don’t want to move forward with a lackluster claim. Therefore, be diligent in building your case, including thinking about your overall strategy and what you can do to position yourself for success. And don’t be scared by overzealous defense attorneys who come across confident. Part of their job is to make you think that you’ll lose your case.

Are you ready to build your workplace discrimination case?

If you’re ready to hold your employer accountable for what they’ve done to you, then now is the time to act. Armed with persuasive evidence and compelling legal arguments, you position yourself for the outcome that you deserve which, in turn, can protect your career and your future.