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New law designed to protect New Jersey’s temporary workers

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2023 | Employment Law |

In New Jersey, there are certain segments of the workforce who are vulnerable to employer misbehavior and illegal activity. Often, that is viewed as negatively impacting people in the service industry, immigrants and those who might be too fearful or lack the understanding to stand up for their rights.

Another type of worker who has generally been deprived of the rights granted to most employees is the temporary worker. They could be deprived of pay, benefits and basic protections.

Recently, a new law was passed to shield temporary workers from employer wrongdoing. Temporary workers who believe they might have been subjected to violations should know how this new law will protect them and have professional help to hold employers accountable.

How does the new law protect temporary workers in the Garden State?

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy recently signed the law called the “Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights.” With it, agencies that provide temporary workers would be subject to increased oversight, pay would be more equitable and temporary workers would be granted more protections than they had previously.

Agencies that provide temporary workers have increased markedly in recent years. This is due to the spike in distribution centers and warehouses located in the state. Those who support the new protections lamented the risks undertaken by temporary workers.

Employers were accused of having unsafe workplaces due to the number of temporary employees it was using. The law mandates that the state must certify temporary agencies with employers not being allowed to have a contract with agencies that do not have the certification.

If temporary workers are paid by the day, they can request bi-weekly pay so they no longer need to pay fees to cash checks. There cannot be a deduction for equipment and meals that would reduce the worker’s pay below state minimum wage. There can be no transport fees getting workers to the worksite. Finally, temporary workers cannot be prevented from leaving to take another job.

Temporary workers must know their new rights and have assistance with wrongdoing

Employment law can be confusing to many, especially those who might be working in labor-intensive jobs where they are hired on a temporary basis. Simply because a worker is not given permanent employment does not give the employer free rein to mistreat them and commit violations.

This new law is in place specifically to protect temporary workers. When there are suspected employment law violations of any kind, whether it is related to wages, overtime, discrimination, harassment or anything else, it is imperative to have professional assistance to ensure workers are treated as they should be.