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Do New Jersey overtime laws apply to working from home?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Regulating your hours when working from home can take getting used to — especially if you have your kids at home with you. It is easy to spend the whole day logged on, doing bits of work here and there. However, before you go claiming overtime, check if you really are working more hours, or merely splitting your time throughout the day due to frequent distractions.

Many companies have policies or login systems in place to avoid people working overtime when home-working. If you feel you are required to work extra, check with your boss. It is easier to straighten things out sooner rather than later. They could acknowledge your hours and ask you to record them, or they could tell you to clock off when you hit your 40 hours, as they want to avoid overtime.

New Jersey law requires employers to pay time and a half for anything you work over and beyond 40 hours per week. However, there are some exceptions to these rules:

  • If you earn over $35,568 per year, you may be exempt.
  • If you are an independent contractor rather than an employee you’re exempt.
  • If you hold certain white-collar positions such as executives, sales jobs and some administrative positions you are exempt.
  • Many non-office based jobs are also exempt from New Jersey overtime laws.

If you think your company owes you overtime pay that it does not want to recognize, it is essential to get an honest legal opinion. An unfounded claim could lead to problems with your employer as well as waste your time and money.