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Café worker claims she faced extended period of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Sexual Harassment |

Despite greater attention paid to workers who are subjected to sexual harassment in New York, New Jersey and across the nation, it continues. Often, this is due to workers being fearful of retribution and concerns that they will not be believed if they speak up. Among the most vulnerable are those who work in the service industry. It is important for people who have faced employment law violations and sexual harassment to know their rights. Speaking up is the first step to recovering compensation for their mistreatment.

Barista says manager and others harassed her at prominent café

A woman who worked as a barista at Butcher’s Daughter in New York says that she endured ongoing sexual harassment from her manager for two years. She has filed a lawsuit seeking compensation. According to her, she was hired in 2017 and the harassment started shortly after that. The male manager made sexual comments to her, said inappropriate things and asked her questions about her personal life. His brother and other staffers also took part. In addition, she says he touched her inappropriately all over her body.

Her claim also says that only women the brothers thought were attractive were hired and they uttered sex-based comments after women came in for interviews. She says she was invited to a strip club and asked if she would take part in a sexual encounter with the manager and another woman. Her job was threatened if she revealed what he had said. She complained and promises were made to put a stop to the harassment, but nothing was done. She took a leave of absence at the employer’s request. When she wanted to return to work, she was told she had been dismissed. The restaurant denies the allegations.

Having legal representation can help with a workplace issue

When dealing with job loss, a stagnant position, loss of income and emotional stress because of workplace mistreatment, it is imperative to understand there are options to seek compensation. A law firm that has experience in sexual harassment and other workplace wrongdoing can be helpful in pursuing a claim. Workers do not need to be fearful or accept that they are being harassed at work to keep their job. A legal filing can be beneficial in many ways. Consulting with a legal professional with experience in sexual harassment in the workplace can provide guidance regarding how to proceed with a claim.