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Pregnancy discrimination and New Jersey’s new protocols

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Discrimination |

If you are working while pregnant, you should keep in mind that you have civil rights based on your pregnancy status. Federal law protects pregnant people and endows them the right to a work environment free of harassment and discrimination.

Pregnancy discrimination can affect any workplace

Pregnancy discrimination can affect many facets of a pregnant or post-pregnant person’s work and life. It affects interviews, leave and accommodation requests, promotions, firing and every facet the workplace. Pregnancy discrimination and sex discrimination affect your rights as an employee. Fortunately, many employers are beginning to find creative solutions to bring pregnant and post-childbirth workers back to the table.

New Jersey protocols for pregnant and post-pregnancy police officers

New Jersey recently issued statewide rules for pregnant and breastfeeding police officers. These new protocols offer many incredible pregnancy and post-pregnancy principles, such as interactive accommodation requests, interactive uniform and armor changes and lactation break time.

This report includes a full list of these New Jersey protocols, in addition to the stories of several New Jerseyans who recently faced pregnancy discrimination. While progress is made, rights must still be preserved.

A final thought

Pregnancy can bring a sea of changes in your life, but one of them should not be discrimination at work or when you return to work. Both federal and state laws exist to protect your rights. Should you find yourself wondering if you are being discriminated against based on pregnancy, an attorney become an invaluable source to discuss your unique circumstances. For employers, an attorney can also be an important advisor to ensure compliance with state and federal laws.