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What are signs of discrimination at work?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2022 | Discrimination |

People’s work performance and skills should be the factors that are used to determine whether they receive raises, promotions, demotions, are terminated and how other employment decisions are made in New Jersey.

Unfortunately, this is not always how decisions are made. Sometimes decisions are based on whom people know. This can upset people, but it is not always completely inappropriate, and isn’t necessarily illegal.

However, there are times when the way employers make decisions is inappropriate and even illegal. If employers discriminate against their employees by making decisions based on the employees’ race or other protected characteristics, it violates the employees’ rights.

Examples of different forms of discrimination

Some of the ways that employers discriminate against employees in addition to firing them could be:

  • Not hiring employees of a certain race for certain positions
  • Having employees of a certain race work only in a certain work location
  • Paying people of a particular race less than other employees in similar positions
  • Making derogatory comments or teasing people of a particular race
  • Not promoting people of a certain race even though they are qualified for the promotion
  • Not allowing people of a certain race the same sick leave or other benefits as employees of other races
  • Requiring only people of certain races to work less desirable shifts

Employers who discriminate against their employees in New Jersey are breaking the law. Employees who are the victims of discrimination may be able to file claims against the employer. If they successfully prove discrimination, they may be entitled to compensation.

This compensation can include back pay and lost benefits. The compensation could also include improved work environments or correct the other discrimination they endured at work. These can be complicated matters to prove, and consulting with experienced attorneys may be beneficial.